Re: Re-Branding

Owl sighting earlier today. Anyone know which kind it is?

You may notice, if you’ve ever been here before today, that the site has been renamed “Arboreal Audio”. I’ve decided on this renaming for a couple of reasons, namely that the previous name of Strix Audio was too similar to pre-existing names for me to justify keeping it.

If you do a search for the name, the primary results you get are for the Strix audio cards by ASUS. If you search “strix audio plugins”, you get Strix Instruments. Given that there is another company creating audio software and using the “Strix” name, I felt the minor distinction between “audio” and “instruments” was not enough. While it was a bummer to relinquish the old name, I’m excited for the new look of this company. I now own the domain, and I intend to take this branding further in the very near future.

Watch this space for many new things coming soon.

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