Introducing PiMax

The latest plugin from Arboreal Audio is here:




PiMax is a saturation plugin, designed with loudness maximization in mind. Its algorithms will lead you toward subtle boosts, adding warmth, density, and impact to your tracks. You can drastically reduce the crest factor of your mix (the ratio of peak volume to average or RMS volume) without introducing heavy and distracting distortion. This type of saturation or soft clipping is a major key to getting a mix that sounds loud without introducing the dynamic artifacts of heavy compression or limiting.


Just because the loudness wars are over doesn’t mean you don’t need to crank your mix! Loudness comes from the balance of your mix, not from hitting a designated LUFS target. Sure, PiMax can help you hit -8 LUFS without your limiter breaking a sweat, if that’s really what you’re after — but it can also help you achieve a beautifully colorful mix that’s still a conservative volume.


Try it for yourself and hear how it can make drums sound more vivid, bass more fat, vocals more glistening or in-your-face, guitars more aggressive. It even makes a great distortion pedal before your amp!


PiMax is regularly priced at $25 USD.

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