STR-X v1.1 Update

Download: VST3 (Windows) | VST (Windows) | Mac | GitHub Mac OSX Catalina/Big Sur and M1 Mac Support 4x oversampling with option for higher-quality, linear phase oversampling when rendering “De-kinked” preamp distortion algorithm for more accurate asymmetrical distortion Expanded range of tone controls Allow option for using v1.0 tone controls Fully resizable GUI (VST3 only)… Continue reading STR-X v1.1 Update

Re: Re-Branding

You may notice, if you’ve ever been here before today, that the site has been renamed “Arboreal Audio”. I’ve decided on this renaming for a couple of reasons, namely that the previous name of Strix Audio was too similar to pre-existing names for me to justify keeping it. If you do a search for the… Continue reading Re: Re-Branding