All-in-one amplifier

*Will NEVER go on sale!

VST2 VST3 Audio Unit
  • 4 unique guitar amps
  • 3 different bass amps
  • 2 original channel strips
  • Opto-style compressor
  • Versatile pre-emphasis controls
  • Low/High frequency enhancers
  • 3 adjustable speaker cabinet models
  • 2 customizable reverb algorithms
  • & much more...

A Mode for Everything

OmniAmp’s many modes & tools allow you to use it on any sound source.

Use it for your guitar and bass amps, individual drum channels, drum bus, vocals, mix bus — anything.

Use it as a reverb send.

Use it as a parallel destruction bus.

Guitar Amps
  • GammaRay: prominent upper mids, from clean to crunch to searing.
  • Sunbeam: cleaner, open low-end, very clear upper mids.
  • Moonbeam: darker, less headroom, heavier distortion.
  • XRay: aggressive, a fair amount of cutting distortion.
Bass Amps
  • Cobalt: modern-sounding, full-voiced amp that doesn’t spare an ounce of low-end.
  • Emerald: more modest, modern amp with more headroom than Cobalt.
  • Quartz: vintage-sounding amp with a dampened low-end and punchier hi-mids.
Channel Strips
  • Modern: here the Preamp stage produces symmetric, odd-harmonic distortion, and the filters are a bit more precise in their rolloff. The Power Amp stage has a sharper knee but is cleaner below the saturation point.
  • Vintage features more tube-like asymmetric saturation, the filters are broader and less resonant, and the Power Amp digs into the signal earlier but has a gentler overall knee.

Pre-Emphasis Controls

OmniAmp has a set of controls for defining how your sound is emphasized.

“Emphasis” means adjusting the incoming signal to affect how the saturation and compression work.

Stereo & Mid/Side Emphasis

This changes how the stereo image is emphasized.

You can push the sides or the center harder into compression & saturation, or give them more room to breathe.

Frequency Emphasis

These are high- or low-shelf filters that either boost or cut before the processing.

This works similar to a sidechain EQ for compression, but also like EQ-ing the “sidechain” of the saturation, too.

Opto Comp

An opto-style, feedback compressor, with signal-dependent attack and release.

It makes an excellent vocal compressor, adds snap to guitar or bass, or a pleasant, tasteful squash to drums.

Keep an ear out for how its tone changes between Guitar, Bass, and Channel modes, too.

Cabs and Reverb


There are 3 different cab models to choose from, based on the typical sizes you would use with a guitar or bass amp.

You can adjust the low and high resonance quality of the cab, as well as the mic position relative to the speaker.


There are 2 algorithmic reverbs and additional settings to tweak:

Room: A medium-sized, dampened room with short reflections, great for adding a touch of ambience or space without getting overwhelming.

Hall: A longer, richer reverb, perfect for adding a grander scope to your sound.

You can tweak the Size, Decay, and Predelay of the reverb, as well as switch on a Bright mode which allows more shimmering top-end to reverberate.


Lastly, OmniAmp has a pair of enhancers, which boost and saturate either low-end or high-end frequencies.

You can enable automatic gain compensation, as well as a polarity inversion which affects the frequency response of the filter.

A pair of cut filters is the final touch, giving you absolute control—all in one plugin.

What You Get

✅ You can try OmniAmp free for 14 days.

✅ Purchasing a license gets you lifetime access to updates, including bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features, as well as 10 activations.

✅ Activation is quick and easy, and once you’ve activated, you can use OmniAmp offline on the machine you’ve activated it on.

System Requirements

Recommended Minimum of 4GB of RAM & Dual-Core CPU

Min OS Formats
Windows 7+ VST | VST3
MacOS 10.9+ (Intel/Apple Silicon) VST | VST3 | AU
  • Relax license check
  • Use OSX 11.3 SDK for compatibility
  • Support Linux
  • Initial release
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