PiMax Update

v1.0.4 Changes Fixes: -Further crashes with band split/linear phase mode -Auto gain causing no audio to other plugins in FX chain -Auto gain compensation in multiband mode -Improved frequency response of linear phase multiband when oversampled/running at high sample rates -Stereo issues in Bitwig Studio   Added: -12dB Input Boost button v1.0.2 Changes Fixes: -crashes… Continue reading PiMax Update

Introducing PiMax

The latest plugin from Arboreal Audio is here:   PiMax   PiMax is a saturation plugin, designed with loudness maximization in mind. Its algorithms will lead you toward subtle boosts, adding warmth, density, and impact to your tracks. You can drastically reduce the crest factor of your mix (the ratio of peak volume to average… Continue reading Introducing PiMax

STR-X v1.1 Update

Download: VST3 (Windows) | VST (Windows) | Mac | GitHub Mac OSX Catalina/Big Sur and M1 Mac Support 4x oversampling with option for higher-quality, linear phase oversampling when rendering “De-kinked” preamp distortion algorithm for more accurate asymmetrical distortion Expanded range of tone controls Allow option for using v1.0 tone controls Fully resizable GUI (VST3 only)… Continue reading STR-X v1.1 Update

Re: Re-Branding

You may notice, if you’ve ever been here before today, that the site has been renamed “Arboreal Audio”. I’ve decided on this renaming for a couple of reasons, namely that the previous name of Strix Audio was too similar to pre-existing names for me to justify keeping it. If you do a search for the… Continue reading Re: Re-Branding