$25 (+ tax/VAT)

Loudness maximizer and multiband enhancer. Your every-track solution to a loud and vibrant mix.


From single-track enhancements to cranking your final mix


PiMax is your new go-to enhancement plugin for any type of track, buss, or the final mix. Use it as your main saturator for any sound source, or as a final soft clipper to add density, warmth, or impact.


Fully modular multiband


Slice your sound source into a maximum of four frequency bands for full control. Each band comes with input and output gains, as well as a width control. Bands can be soloed, muted, or bypass the saturation — perfect for granular control over a final mix or track group.


Versatile saturation


PiMax comes equipped with several saturation settings: symmetric saturation for odd-order harmonics, asymmetric for even- and odd-order harmonics, and further modifiers for customizing the response of the saturation.

Finite creates gentle foldback distortion as it’s driven, leading to unique warping of the loudest signals, and incredibly transparent saturation at lower levels.

Infinite takes the foldback distortion even further, allowing the signal to pass through zero, creating high-pitched resonances for creative sound shaping.

Clip works like a traditional soft clipper, driving everything towards the ceiling and letting nothing past. This mode can help retain the energy of strong transients that would otherwise be absorbed in the other two modes.


We’re not done!

Control the dynamic response


PiMax also features control over program-dependent saturation modes. Negative (blue) values will introduce downward expansion to the quieter parts of the signal, perfect for exaggerating transients and adding impact. At extreme settings, this can introduce interesting artifacts — if you’re looking to really mangle your sound. Positive (green) values will introduce more amplification and compression, ideal for a sound source in need of fattening.


Elegant interface


PiMax is designed to get you the best results, fast. You’ll find no scratches, dust, or fake screws — PiMax has all the character it needs with its easily readable and navigable interface, built for the digital era.


Essential utility features


-Stereo widening knob, which doubles as a mono-to-stereo utility

-Dry/wet mix knob for parallel processing

-Delta mode for monitoring difference between wet and dry signal

-Linear phase mode, for both linear phase multiband operation and linear phase oversampling filters — essential when using Band Split mode or oversampling in conjunction with the Mix knob

-4x Oversampling, with the option to defer oversampling until rendering

-Fully resizable UI

What You Get


You can try PiMax for free for 7 days.


Purchasing a license gets you lifetime access to updates, as well as 10 activations.


Activation is quick and easy, and once you’ve activated, you can use PiMax offline on the machine you’ve activated it on.


-VST or AU compatible plugin host

-Windows 10 (64-bit)


-Mac OSX 10.9 or higher (64-bit Intel/Apple Silicon)

Recommended: 4 GB of RAM & Dual-Core CPU

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